Pirates Swim Team Code of Conduct and Policies

  1. Swimming New Zealand and Swimming Wellington codes and policies
  2. Pirates Swim Team Code of Conduct
  3. Pirates Swim Team values
  4. At the pool
  5. Competition meet protocol
  6. Away meets
  7. Uniform protocol
  8. Social media policy
  9. Club photos
  10. Parent protocol
  11. Coach protocol
  12. Breaches of Code of Conduct / policies
  13. Who to contact

1. Swimming NZ and Swimming Wellington Codes and Policies

The Pirates Code of Conduct and Policies are in addition to, not a replacement of, the Swimming New Zealand (SNZ) and Swimming Wellington (SW) requirements. Pirates Swim Team supports these policies and protocols and encourages all swimmers and their families to read and to be familiar with them.

In particular, please review:

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2. Pirates Swim Team Code of Conduct

This document sets out the policies and protocols that form the Pirates Swim Team Code of Conduct.  They are based on common sense and normal courtesies and are designed so that all members, families and coaches can participate in a safe, positive and enjoyable environment.

Swimmers will:

Remember, every time you come to training, race, go to a camp or away meet, or post on social media about the team, you are representing the Pirates.

Parents/families will:

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3. Pirates Swim Team values

The Pirates team values are:

  • We bring a positive attitude to every workout.
  • We get to our workouts on time.
  • We understand that nothing happens without a great work ethic.
  • We bring energy and passion to the team.
  • We support our team mates through good times and tough times.
  • We are respectful to all pool users.
  • We communicate and work with our coaches to be the best we can.
  • We don’t make excuses.
  • We are thankful to our parents and support group for giving us this opportunity.

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4. At the pool

All swimmers agree to:

  • Arrive at training on time, and be prepared for the session (dryland and pool).
  • Have the required gear.
  • Listen to your coach. Don’t talk when your coach is talking; do the set that the coach gives you (unless you’re managing injury, time limits, or things as agreed with the coach).
  • Respect the rules of the Karori Pool. Follow the instructions of the staff.

Senior swimmers

  • Let your coach know if you are sick or going to be late.

Pirates share the pool with other users. Swimmers must:

  • Leave their gear tidy. Take up minimal space in the changing rooms and poolside benches.
  • Keep the gear cages tidy. When getting gear out or putting it away for a session, ensure that there’s nothing left lying around the pool deck.
  • Give others space when using the spa – avoid crowding people already in the spa.
  • Be aware and respectful of other swimmers, families, and spectators.​​

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5. Competition meet protocol

Competition meets are very busy events. It’s up to swimmers, coaches, parents, managers and officials to ensure they run smoothly.

The meet flyer sent out by the Race Secretary will spell out the rules for each meet. Read the flyer and make sure you understand the rules. Any questions should go to race@pirates.org.nz

Questions about what races to enter should go to your swimmer’s coach.

  1.  Swimmers/families must:
    – understand what competition and events to enter: ask the race secretary and coach if you’re not sure.
    – get entries in by the closing date.
    – if you have entered but will not to attend, advise the coach and team manager(s) as soon as possible.
    – understand the meet requirements for scratching a race and finals (where applicable).
    At the meet:
  2.  Treat officials, volunteers, team managers, coaches, and other teams with politeness and respect.
  3. Support all Pirates swimmers, and recognise good racing by swimmers in all teams.
  4. Follow the club uniform protocols.
  5. Arrive at the venue at least 15 minutes before the scheduled warm-up time starts. If you are going to be late then please txt both your coach and the team manager(s) for that session.
  6. Swimmers must sit with the team. Parents / spectators must sit in the designated spectator seating, not in team seats.
  7. If a swimmer is leaving the team seated area, they must advise the team manager.
  8.  Listen carefully to the team manager’s instructions and follow them promptly.
  9.  All swimmers must stay quiet once the starter has blown the whistle to call swimmers to the blocks.
  10. At multi-session meets, check the finals list BEFORE you depart the venue.
  11. Swimmers are expected to stay at the session to support other team mates. If you want to leave before that time, then please discuss this with your coach – if they agree, then advise the team manager that you are leaving
  12.  Keep the team area tidy and pick up all your gear and your rubbish before you leave. Help tidy the venue if applicable.

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6. Away meets and swim camps

All swimmers attending national meets and swim camps need to complete the Annual Permission and Medical Form. This will be emailed to you by the team / camp manager.

SNZ, SW, and Pirates Codes of Conduct and SNZ Member Protection Policies apply to swimmers representing Pirates Swim team at meets outside of Wellington.

The Pirates Swim Team competition meet protocols, uniform protocols, social media policy, and parent protocols also apply.

Swimmers at away meets or camps will agree to abide by the rules and guidelines set by the meet / camp organisers, the venue, and follow the instructions of the team manager(s) and coach(es) at all times.

Swimmers not meeting the behaviour requirements may be subject to sanctions set by the team manager / coach, which may include being sent home at the family’s expense.

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Uniform protocol

Pirates Swim Team has a strong, unique identity that we wear with pride. It’s important that when at meets and when travelling, swimmers represent the team with the right uniform.
There is no requirement to wear uniform for normal training sessions at Karori Pool.
Local and regional meets
The compulsory club uniform is:

  • A red Pirates racing cap, or a black cap for swimmers with national meet qualifying times.
  • A black Pirates T-shirt.
  • A black Pirates hoodie and shorts (optional).

National meets

  • Pirates black swim cap.
  • Pirates black shorts (optional).
  • If applicable, Pirates Swim Team shirt for the specific event or Pirates black T shirt.
  • Pirates beanie (optional).
  • Pirates baseball cap (optional).

At all meets, swimmers will:

  1.  Wear the correct uniform (no mix and match).
  2. Have uniform clean and in good repair.

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8. Social media policy

Pirates Swim Team recognises value and importance of social media, often the primary way of communication. However, social media needs to be used in a respectful and responsible way.

Pirates Swim Team’s policy for acceptable use of Social Media by our swimmers, parents, coaches, and officials is to provide a safe and positive environment for all. SNZ has its Social Media Policy under its Member Protection Policy. The Pirates Swim Team policy should be read as in addition to and not instead of the SNZ Policy.

Acceptable social media use

Pirates Swim Team members must exhibit ethical and responsible conduct in all online communications and activities. All members and parents must respect the rights and privacy of all other Pirates Swim Team members, and all other people mentioned and/or shown in a post.

Pirates Swim Team expressly prohibits cyber bullying or cyber stalking of any person by any means or method, including but not limited to the use of Facebook, text messaging, instant messaging, Twitter, e-mail, Instagram, Snapchat, and any other social media application. Cyber bullying and cyber stalking are unacceptable.

Members and parents are responsible for their content and posts and for any negative consequences of inappropriate use of social media.

Guidelines for acceptable use:

  • Be respectful – ensure you post meaningful and respectful comments and/or messages. Do not post messages or images that are hurtful or offensive.
  • Do not post any messages, images, or other content that reflects poorly on the Team, member(s), SW or SNZ.
  • Do not use social media to post photos or make comments about another person without their knowledge or consent. Anonymous message boards and forums where posters use names that keep them anonymous are not acceptable.
  • If you have questions or concerns, raise them with the person or people concerned in person, rather than over social media.
  • Stick to your area of expertise and provide unique, individual perspectives on what’s going on at the club. Support others in their positive use of social media for encouraging other members.
  • If you are ever in doubt of the appropriateness of a post or message, consider whether it upholds and positively reflects your own values and ethics as well as that of Pirates Swim Team. Would you say it to someone’s face?

Social media welfare

The Pirates Swim Team Committee views bullying on any level serious and will not be tolerated. The Committee will follow up complaints of bullying including complaints of harm by electronic communications and will take appropriate action.

All communications between a coach or adult and a swimmer must be professional in nature and for the purpose of communicating information about team activities. The content and intent of all electronic communications must adhere to Swimming NZ’s standards, rules and policies. Please always operate within these rules and the spirit of the sport that govern Swimming NZ.

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9. Club Photos

As a member of Pirates Swim Team you understand and agree that the Club may post photos of its members on its web site, Facebook page and other social media.

The Club will only post photos that it considers to be appropriate. If there is a photo posted by the Club of a member that either the member or their parent/guardian considers to be inappropriate, then please contact the Club President at president@pirates.org.nz or the Secretary at secretary@pirates.org.nz to have the photo removed.

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10. Parent protocol

Parents, guardians and/or caregivers have a very important role in supporting their swimmers and the team.
We strongly suggest you read the sections “Tips for Positive Parenting” and “Keeping the Sport Fun” in the SNZ Parent Handbook
SNZ has the following code of conduct for parents and guardians and Pirates supports this.

A parent or guardian will:

  1.  Agree to abide by the SNZ Code of Conduct.
  2. Remember that children participate in sport for their enjoyment, not yours.
  3. Encourage children to participate: do not force them.
  4. Focus on the child’s efforts and performance rather than winning or losing.
  5. Encourage children always to compete according to the rules and to settle disagreements without resorting to hostility or violence.
  6. Never ridicule or yell at a child for making a mistake or losing a competition.
  7. Remember that children learn best by example.
  8. Support all efforts to remove verbal and physical abuse from sporting activities.
  9. Respect officials’ decisions and teach children swimmers to do likewise.
  10. Show appreciation for coaches, officials and administrators.

In addition, Pirates has the following guidelines for parents/guardians to follow:

  • Allow the coach to coach. Do not provide instruction to your swimmer during a session or at a meet. If you would like to speak to a coach, make a time: do not interrupt the coach during a session.
  • Follow the guidelines for meet etiquette.
  • Volunteer: Pirates expects all families to contribute in volunteer roles.
  • Be enthusiastic and supportive. Provide a positive and encouraging environment for your swimmer, and all the other team members.

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11. Coach protocol

Pirates Swim Team considers our coaches to be important role models to our members and accordingly expects them to provide their services with fairness, respect, integrity, professionalism and in a manner consistent with the SNZ code of conduct.

Swimming NZ’s code of conduct includes specific requirements and guidelines for coaches and teachers and can viewed at this link. Pirates Swim Team supports these requirements and in addition has further specific requirements and protocols for our coaches – these are provided directly to the coaches.

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12.Breaches of Code of Conduct and/or Policies

Breaches of the Code of Conduct will be addressed by the Pirates Committee for consideration and resolution. If necessary, disputes and/or breaches of the Code of Conduct or Member Protection Policy will be referred to SW as per the SW Disputes and Disciplinary Policy.

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13. Who to contact

If you have any issues or concerns regarding any of the above protocols, then please contact the club to discuss these – either email or discuss with your coach and/or member of the club committee. Their contact details are on the contacts page of the Pirates website.

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