How to enter


Swim meets are great fun. You get to enjoy the fun of competing with other clubs, see if you’re getting faster and hang out with your club mates.

They can be intimidating if you’re new to swimming. Don’t worry, everyone has had to go to their first swim meet. You’ll have older swimmers who can help you and a team manager and a coach to give you advice.


The club’s Race Secretary emails a link to the meet details on the website out to the Karori Pirates Google Group (you will be invited to join the google group during membership sign up).

The meet details include the closing date for entries – all entries and payments must be received by this date to allow time to process the entries and send them on to the hosting club. Payment must be made by the closing date or the swimmer will not be entered in the meet.

Follow these links for full instructions:

Using the SNZ portal and entering swim meets

How to enter a meet

Parent Help at Meets

Parents are expected to be available to help out with timekeeping, team managing, etc at each meet. Find out more about how you can help on the Parent Roles page.

Our Officials Co-ordinator will use the names of all officials supplied in the meet entry form for the meet and she will contact parents and ask for assistance.

Withdrawing/Scratching from meets

If you are unable to swim at a meet you have entered, you need to contact the race secretary so that you can be scratched from the meet.  The race secretary can be contacted by email .

Note: Some meets will impose a fine on late withdrawals – this will be stated on the meet flyer and generally applies to national or regional meets only. Refunds of meet entry fees are not generally given when you withdraw from a meet – check the meet flyer for any exceptions to this.